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The Senior Center is a resource center for senior citizens in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. In 2010 the organization will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Peter Thompson is the executive director.


The Junior League of Charlottesville established the center in 1960 in order to provide educational and enrichment activities for people over the age of 50. The facility was the second of its kind in Virginia.

The Senior Center first operated in rented space at 301 East Market Street before quickly moving to another rented space at 101 East High Street. In 1963, the agency became independent of the Junior League. In 1982, the Center moved into the Central Library on Market Street, a space it occupied until the Jessup family made space near their Pepsi Cola bottling facility available at half-price. The new 17,000 square foot facility on Pepsi Place opened on September 11, 1991.

In November 2002, the Senior Center became accredited by the National Institute of Senior Centers, the first such facility in Virginia to receive that designation[1].

New facility search

As of December 2009, the Senior Center is looking for a new home. One candidate is a building owned by ACAC that is the current home of the Charlottesville Day School. The Albemarle County Planning Commission granted a special-use permit for the Senior Center to occupy the space, though a decision on whether to move has not yet been made[2].

Board of Directors (2009-2010)


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