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*[[John Santoski]], Chair, Member since 2009
*[[Lisa Green]], Chair, Member since 2010
*[[Corey Clayborne]], Member appointed on March 8, 2016 by [[City Council]]
*[[Corey Clayborne]], Vice Chair, Member appointed on March 8, 2016 by [[City Council]]
*[[Taneia Dowell]], Member since 2014
*[[Taneia Dowell]], Member since 2014
*[[Lisa Green]], Member since 2010
*[[Kurt Keesecker]], Member since 2009
*[[Genevieve Keller]], Member since October 2007
*[[Genevieve Keller]], Member since October 2007
*[[Kurt Keesecker]], Member since 2009
*[[Jody Lahendro]], Member since 2014
*[[Jody Lahendro]], Member since 2014
*[[Bill Palmer]], Ex-Officio member representing University of Virginia
*[[John Santoski]], Member since 2009
*[[Brian Hogg]], Ex-Officio member representing University of Virginia

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City Planning Commission in April 2009

The Charlottesville Planning Commission is a seven-member advisory board that advises Charlottesville City Council on matters and issues related to land use and urban planning in the city.

The role of the planning commission is to apply the content of the Comprehensive Plan to physical growth and development within city limits. The commission oversees any rezonings, special-use permits, site plans, and other development items that come before the city. The planning commission also serves as the Entrance Corridor Review Board (ERB).

The commission holds a regular meeting on the second Tuesday of each month, and and one work session each month.


Main article: List of City Planning Commissioners

Relations with Albemarle County Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission and the Albemarle County Planning Commission infrequently hold joint meetings to discuss issues that affect both jurisdictions.

In 2003, the City began a policy where at least one City Planning Commissioner would attend every meeting of the County Planning Commission[1]. However, the policy did not last as this is no longer practice.

Annual Awards

Every year, the Planning Commission presents awards to recognize planning efforts in the community for the previous year. Those awards are:

  • The Eldon Fields Wood Design Professional of the Year
  • Outstanding Plan of Development
  • Citizen Planner of the Year
  • Herman Key Jr., Access to the Disabled Award
  • Outstanding Neighborhood Effort
  • Neighborhood of the Year
  • Outstanding Sustainable Development
  • Neighborhood Development Services Staff Member of the Year

2008 workload changes

In 2008, the Planning Commission's workload was changed as part of a process to streamline the city's development review process. The intent behind the change is to spend less time on specific site plan approvals and leave more time to focus on general zoning issues, [2]


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