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*Aidyn Mills, Chair (2 year term)
*Ann J. Smith, Chair
*Sterling O. Akins (3 year term)
*Gordon Fields, Vice Chair
*Christopher Broom (2 year term)
*Susan W. Lewis, Parliamentarian
*Dorenda Maria Johnson (3 year term)
*Eze Amos
*Sarah Lane Krishnaraj (3 year term)
*Olivia Boykin
*Susan W. Lewis (2 year term)
*Nancy Carpenter
*Amy Sarah Marshall (3 year term)
*Laura Keppley
*Selena Cozart O’Shaughnessy ((1 year term)
*John Kluge
*Karen Shepard (1 year term)
*Carlos Marrone
*Ann J. Smith, Vice-Chair (1 year term)
*Courtney Modecki
*Seth Wispelwey (1 year term)<ref>{{cite web|title=Human Rights Commission|url=http://www.charlottesville.org/Index.aspx?page=3459|author=|work=|publisher=City of Charlottesville|location=|publishdate=|accessdate=June 30, 2014}}</ref>
*Susi Wilbur

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The Charlottesville Commission on Human Rights is a government body that is one of the outcomes of the city's Dialogue on Race. [1] The commission was charged with investigating claims of discrimination.

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  • Ann J. Smith, Chair
  • Gordon Fields, Vice Chair
  • Susan W. Lewis, Parliamentarian
  • Eze Amos
  • Olivia Boykin
  • Nancy Carpenter
  • Laura Keppley
  • John Kluge
  • Carlos Marrone
  • Courtney Modecki
  • Susi Wilbur


Supporters of the commission claimed it would have the power to investigate claims of discrimination and enforce any anti-discrimination ordinances passed by the city council. [1] The proposed budget calls for an initial cost of $300,000 for the first year, and $200,000 for each year afterwards. Council was presented with a report on February 6, 2012. The City Council discussed the matter during the FY2013 budget cycle.

The 11-member Human Rights Task Force hosted a community forum on June 6, 2012 at Buford Middle School to discuss the possible need for the commission. Information provided to the task force will be compiled and presented to City Council late in 2012.[2] Council will then decide whether to proceed.


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