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Virginia Supportive Housing is a Richmond-based non-profit organization incorporated in 1988 to build single room occupancy units in the greater Richmond area. The organization operates a 60-unit SRO facility on 4th Street known as The Crossings at Fourth and Preston.

Business model

The idea behind an SRO is to provide someone without a home with a low-cost place to stay by redeveloping existing housing or building a new structure. All tenants pay rent, but it is subsidized through federal, state and local funds. Residents pay a minimum of $50 a month, or 30% of their income. Subsidies for each unit go down as tenants' incomes rise.[1]

VSH also provides support services on-site and manages the property. Tenants are selected through references from agencies that deal with the homeless, and there are waiting lists in each community. Each tenant is interviewed twice by the property manager.


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