Avon Street Corridor

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The Avon Street corridor is one of Charlottesville's entrance corridors and thus subject to scrutiny by the Entrance Corridor Review Board. [1]


The Avon Street spans from Moores Creek to downtown Charlottesville and is considered to be a secondary access to downtown. The corridor is broken into three sub-areas. Sub-area A extends from the city limits to Druid Avenue. Sub-area B goes from Druid Avenue to Monticello Avenue. Sub-area continues from Monticello Avenue to the Belmont Bridge.


The Avon Street corridor was to have been the subject of a city study in 2012 to determine future redevelopment opportunities. Former Mayor Maurice Cox had lobbied Council to apply for grant from the National Endowment for the Arts "Our Town" grant, but Council opted instead to use $150,000 in city funds for the study. [2] [3]

A previous study from the Urban Land Institute was planned for the spring of 2011, but was never undertaken. [4]


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