Woolen Mills Village Historic District

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The Woolen Mills Village Historic District is a historic district located within Charlottesville's Woolen Mills neighborhood.

Virginia Landmarks Register

Woolen Mills was added to the Virginia Landmarks Register in 2009[1] in part because of its role in Virginia's textile industry.

National Register

The district has been proposed for the National Register of Historic Places[2].


The Woolen Mills Village Historic District is largely focused along East Market Street, which acts as a spine for the residential portion before taking a sharp turn south to follow Moores Creek where it meets the Rivanna River at the District’s eastern boundary. The curve of the CSX railroad tracks marks the southern boundary of the District. The western boundaries are defined by Leake Lane on the south side of East Market Street and 18th Street NE on the north side of East Market Street, excluding a 1930s development of land that was formerly used as a golf course. The district is largely defined to the north by the back lot lines of houses fronting on the north side of East Market Street; most of the lots on the south side of Chesapeake Street were developed after the period of significance. Riverview Cemetery and a smattering of houses built within the period of significance on the eastern end of Chesapeake Street define the northeast boundaries of the District[2].


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