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[[Jennifer Marley]], Community Engagement Coordinator, [[Charlottesville Tomorrow]]<br>mailto:jmarley@cvilletomorrow.org<br>[[File:Twitter-Icon.png|link=http://twitter.com/jmarls80]][[File:Facebook-Icon.png|link=http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=740991345]]
'''Jennifer Marley'''<br>[[File:Twitter-Icon.png|link=http://twitter.com/jmarls80]][[File:Facebook-Icon.png|link=http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=740991345]]
<section begin=feature />
<section begin=feature />
[[Image:Jennifer Marley-3.jpg|300px|right]]
[[Image:Jennifer Marley-3.jpg|300px|right]]

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Jennifer Marley

Jennifer Marley-3.jpg

WHY DO YOU USE CVILLEPEDIA? I like the idea of a curated wiki that is hyperlocal. I especially like that cvillepedia began as a way for Charlottesville Tomorrow reporters to park information they wanted to keep long-term, and evolved into a vehicle for community members to capture the people, places and things of the Charlottesville-Albemarle area that are important to them.

WHERE DO YOU CVILLEPEDIA? I mostly cvillepedia at my desk at CitySpace...but let's be honest. Sometimes I cvillepedia at home on a Friday. It's that addictive.

CVILLEPEDIA TIP FOR OTHERS? There are no rules other than we the ones we make for ourselves! Don't wait for someone to tell you that something is "okay" - get in there! Try stuff! And let the collaborative nature of the wiki do its thing!

Interests on cvillepedia

  1. Watching what other people are interested in writing about
  2. The assembly of multiple sources to create one neutral article
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