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[[Category: Charlottesville Parks]]
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[[Category: 1946 establishments]]

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Tonsler Park is located at the corner of Cherry Avenue and Ridge Street in Charlottesville's Fifeville neighborhood. It was created in 1946 to honor Benjamin Tonsler, a prominent figure in the history of African American education[1]. The park was expanded to its present size of 7.4 acres in 1978[2].

The park features lighted tennis courts, a large playground and a recreation center. It is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Playground replacement

Planning is underway to replace the playground at the park. Two neighborhood meetings will be held at the Tonsler Park Recreation Center on August 30 and September 13, 2011. [3] Parks director Brian Daly has said he hopes to have the playground replaced by the end of the year. [4]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′38″N 78°29′24″W / 38.027165°N 78.490115°W / 38.027165; -78.490115


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