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Candidates on the ballot, running as write-ins, or in a primary election for the [[{{{1}}} election]].

[[Category:{{{1}}} election|Candidates]]


This is one of several templates listed below, for use on category pages, related to year in births, deaths, elections, &c. &c.

Each of these templates requires a sole unnamed parameter for the year for the category you are creating.

List of templates in this class

template e.g., used to create
{{YearCategory}} Category:1957
{{BirthYearCategory}} Category:1896 births
{{DeathYearCategory}} Category:2008 deaths
{{EstablishmentYearCategory}} Category:2009 establishments
{{ClosingYearCategory}} Category:1999 closings
{{ElectionYearCategory}} Category:2009 election
{{CandidateYearCategory}} Category:2009 candidates