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As some who lives near the road and ran for Western Albemarle's Cross Country team (many years ago), and who was also in the Charlottesville Track Club marathon training program, I can say that the former text (although lacking citations) was correct. It raises an interesting question, which is how do we use citizen knowledge to convey obvious important facts about the community, without needing to have CT do an interview with the CTC or Western Albemarle Cross Country coach? In this case, the road is scheduled to be paved, which will really harm the running community and high school cross country runners who use the road. How can we make that important information available to the public when that knowledge is held only by the people that use it, and they haven't been interviewed about this issue? It's not like VDOT or the County is going to do a study or anything that can be cited before they pave it...--Lmm6n 10:10, 10 May 2012 (EDT)