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The Charlottesville Standards and Design Manual is the set of operating guidelines for development and redevelopment of the public realm within the city. It is currently under review by the firm Toole Design Group who were hired to conduct a study. [citation needed]

City Code

As of September 2019, the Standards and Design Manual is authorized by city subdivision ordinance § 29-141: Standards and Design Manual.[1] That section reads:

The agent and the city engineer developed and city council approved design requirements for new street and alley construction, stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, gas utilities, traffic and transportation, bridges, retaining walls and other related structures, and potable water and sanitary sewer systems and related facilities. The design requirements are developed in consultation with the city's department of public works, the city's fire official, the city's building official, and other city departments or personnel who have any responsibilities or authority with respect to the types of improvements that are the subject of the Standards and Design Manual. To the extent that there is a conflict between the Standards and Design Manual and any other ordinance or law, the ordinance or law shall take precedence.

Current review timeline

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