South Pantops Drive Connector Bridge

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Project Overview
Cost estimate $27 million
Potential funding sources Group split on recommending this at this time
Next meeting None

Status Update

South Pantops Drive Connector Bridge is one of several projects evaluated in the Eco-Logical Pilot Project - Free Bridge Congestion Relief, a project conducted in the mid 2010's by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission. [1]

Project Overview

"Alternative G, 'South Pantops Drive Connector', is designed to reduce congestion by providing an additional crossing south of Free Bridge. This alternative would provide a linkage between South Pantops Drive and High Street via a new alignment through the Pantops Shopping Center. The bridge would be a two‐lane urban‐style design that would include two vehicle travel lanes with bike and pedestrian infrastructure. Additionally, the alternative also includes a new traffic light at Willow Drive and two new roundabouts within the confines of the Pantops Shopping Center."


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