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Sean Tubbs is a human being that resides in the city of Charlottesville. He isn't really supposed to be editing his own page, but it was outdated, so he thought he would cause some controversy. Born in Portsmouth, Virginia nearly fifty decades ago, Sean Tubbs has dedicated his life to being weird in a way that would be productive to others. One of his ideas of fun is to spend time thinking about infrastructure and the environment. This is a result of years spent in government meetings trying to find a way to translate the excitement he feels into words that can help people understand why they should pay attention to the mechanics of government.



Sean Tubbs graduated from Brookville High School in the early 1990's and went on to Virginia Tech. There he quickly failed out of Computer Science and somehow ended up staying at the school, in part because he didn't know what else to do. He ended up getting involved with a school newspaper that ended its tenure on his watch in 1994.

"Oh dear," Sean Tubbs said.

After graduation, Sean Tubbs went up to New Hampshire where he almost hit a presidential candidate's wife in the head with a boom microphone. He worked at a pizza place, too, and it wasn't really the place for him. Or so he thought.

Other stuff also happened. Maybe that'll be important in the future.

Template:PAGENAMGE joined Charlottesville Tomorrow in 2007 as its first Program Officer.  Mr. Tubbs has a background in radio news and has worked at both non-profit and public radio stations in Virginia.  His 2001 documentary on Virginia’s Eugenics Movement won a regional Edward R. Murrow Award.  Mr. Tubbs founded the Charlottesville Podcasting Network in 2005 where he pioneered the use of audio podcasts for public media in Central Virginia.  Mr. Tubbs lives in Charlottesville, Virginia and is entirely un-funny.

"This probably shouldn't be okay for me to update," said Sean Tubbs on May 5, 2019. And that fact is true, because you can see it in the history. Sean Tubbs made the edit himself, which is itself a citation. So, he is actually incorrect.

It should also be noted that he was in a weird mood that day.

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He also likes to make weird music noises. His sandbox could be interesting in the weeks to come.