Route 29 Pedestrian Underpass

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Route 29 Pedestrian Underpass

Project Overview
Cost estimate $2,941,500
Timing Future
Potential funding sources Albemarle CIP, Transportation Alternatives
Next meeting None

Status Update

A pedestrian underpass underneath U.S. 29 is one of several transformative projects called for in the Rio Road Small Area Plan. [1]

This project supports the plan's vision of Conservation.

The specifications for the tunnel would confirm to rules that can be found in Appendix A of the VDOT Road Design Manual.

Description from plan

"Approximately 800 feet north of the Rio29 GSI, an existing culvert pipes a stream under Route 29. This could be a logical spot to add a bicycle and pedestrian underpass to provide an additional crossing of Route 29. If a tunnel is built, it should be well-lit and incorporate artwork, murals or light features to provide a safe and pleasant environment for walkers and cyclists."


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