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Charles Ridgeway "Ridge" Schuyler is a leading force behind workforce development in the Charlottesville area. He was named the dean of community self-sufficiency programs at Piedmont Virginia Community College in March 2016. [1]

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Schuyler was born in Orange County and obtained his J.D. from the UVA School of Law. After private practice in New York and Virginia, he worked on Capitol Hill as Chief of Staff to Congressman Rick Boucher and chief policy advisor to Senator Charles Robb.[citation needed]

Schuyler served on the staff of Congressman Tom Periellio during January 2009-2010[citation needed]. During 200-2009 Schuyler was director of the Piedmont Program of The Nature Conservancy[citation needed].


Schuyler founded the Charlottesville Works Initiative at the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce in 2013. The organization helps low-income families find and keep jobs. This build on the Orange Dot Project, a study that found that 29 percent of area families have a hard time making ends meet. [1]


The new dean position is responsible for creating new programs focused on self-sufficiency for low-skilled and low-income individuals in the college’s service region and serving as the program coordinator of PVCC’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment and Training (E&T) Program, a federal job training program offered through the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service.[1] [2]


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