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Padlock.jpg This article is currently protected from editing. See the protection policy and history for more details. You can discuss this article and recommend changes on the talk page. You can also request changes to protection levels.

cvillepedia, like Wikipedia, is built on the principle that anyone can edit the content. However, in some cases cvillepedia's Administrators, commonly known as admins or sysops (system operators), may protect an article to restrict editing or moving of that page, and remove such protection. Such protection may be indefinite, or expire after a specified time.

Articles in cvillepedia may be protected in the following situations:

  • Content related to the operation and organization of the wiki.
  • Articles for a candidate for public office in the period close to the election.
  • Articles that have a pattern of sustained vandalism.
  • Templates that are in heavy use.
  • Articles featured prominently in another publication.

Users will always be able to request that a page be protected or unprotected. Discussion pages should remain unprotected to allow feedback and suggestions for protected pages.

Types of page protection
  • Full protection prevents editing by everyone except administrators. Fully protected media files cannot be overwritten by new uploads.
  • Semi-protection prevents editing by unregistered contributions and contributors with accounts which are not autoconfirmed.
  • Creation protection prevents a previously deleted page from being recreated.
  • Move protection protects the page solely from moves.

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