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[[image:P29 all2.png|250px|thumb|right]]The '''Places29 Advisory Committee''' are three citizens' groups that oversees implementation of the [[Places29 Master Plan]] in Albemarle County. <ref>{{cite web|title=Boards and Commissions|url=http://www.albemarle.org/upload/images/webapps/boards/bc/showrecs.asp?ID=139|author=|work=|publisher=County of Albemarle|location=|publishdate=|accessdate=February 1, 2011}}</ref> There are three distinct groups that serve different geographic areas. They are the [[Places29-Hydraulic Advisory Committee]], [[Places29-North Advisory Committee]] and the [[Places29-Rio Advisory Committee]]. The three groups meet as a whole twice a year. 
#REDIRECT [[Places29 Advisory Committee]]
The original group was suspended in December 2014 at the request of Supervisor [[Brad Sheffield]]. <ref>{{cite web|title=Albemarle supervisors suspend Places29 panel|url=Albemarle supervisors suspend Places29 panel|author=Sean Tubbs|work=|publisher=Charlottesville Tomorrow|location=|publishdate=January 16, 2015|accessdate=February 3, 2015}}</ref>
The original group was known as a council until being renamed as a committee in March 2015.  <ref>{{cite web|title=Supervisors amend rules for master plan advisory groups|url=http://www.cvilletomorrow.org/news/article/20389-advisory-council-changes/|author=Sean Tubbs|work=|publisher=Charlottesville Tomorrow|location=|publishdate=March 15, 2015|accessdate=August 11, 2015}}</ref>
The groups advise the [[Planning Commission]] and the [[Board of Supervisors]] on issues related to the Comprehensive Plan. On April 24, 2014, council members stated they were theoretically not opposed to a comprehensive plan amendment that may come forward related to an expansion of [[Colonial Auto]]. However, a majority of the group decided not to weigh in on the work of the [[Route 29 Advisory Panel]]. <ref>{{cite web|title=Places29 council will not weigh in on bypass alternatives|url=http://www.cvilletomorrow.org/news/article/17967-places29-council/|author=Sean Tubbs|work=|publisher=Charlottesville Tomorrow|location=|publishdate=April 27, 2014|accessdate=April 28, 2014}}</ref>
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