Peacock Hill

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Peacock Hill
District Samuel Miller District
Size 350 acres [1]
Year Started 1970s

Elementary Virginia L. Murray Elementary
Middle Henley Middle School
High School Western Albemarle High School

Other Attributes

Neighborhood Recreation
Two tennis courts, children's playground, walking trails.

Natural Amenities
Five-acre lake (temporarily drained in 2016)

HOA Peacock Hill Community Association

*Confirm attendance boundaries for individual homes with school divisions

Peacock Hill is a rural subdivision in Albemarle County with approximately 175 homes. It is named after wild peacocks that once roamed freely when the land was used as a peach and apple orchard.


Frank Smith purchased Peacock Hill in the 1970s, and began developing a planned community.

Peacock Hill was affected by the June 2012 derecho. The storm felled many trees in the neighborhood. At least one home was severely damaged.




  1. "Peacock Hill History and Area." Peacock Hill Community Association. Retrieved 6 Sept. 2016.

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