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Parking is a perennial topic of discussion in downtown Charlottesville. For instance, one reason Albemarle County is considering moving its court system out of downtown is a perceived lack of parking. [1]

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Council approved parking meters in the city-owned parking lots on High Street, Water Street, Seventh Street, and Williams Street on September 8, 1953. Meters were also approved for Jefferson Street with a two-hour limit. [2]


A 2008 parking study found that downtown Charlottesville has about 6,000 parking spaces. 5,000 are off-street and 1,000 are on-street. Council opted not to create a new system of zones in February 2009. [3]

In 2014, the Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville asked City Council to consider charging for on-street parking. Mayor Satyendra Huja called for a parking management study to be created within sixty days. [4]


The following spots are managed by the private Charlottesville Parking Center


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