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The North Downtown Residents Association is the resident association for the North Downtown neighborhood. Jon Bright is the current President. The organization was incorporated in 1973[citation needed].

Membership is open to anyone living in an area from South Street and the Downtown Mall to the 250 Bypass, and from McIntire Road and Birdwood Road in the west to Kelly Avenue in the east. [1]


Homelessness report

  • In the fall of 2012, the North Downtown Residents Association conducted a report on homelessness in Charlottesville and on the Downtown Mall in particular. The NDRA called for the city to pass ordinances banning profanity and sitting or lying within ten feet of buildings. The Rutherford Institute's John Whitehead wrote in his report that "the proposals contained in the NDRA report are at once unnecessary and rife with legal pitfalls." [2]

Board of Directors

  • Jon Bright - President
  • Jim Neale - Vice President
  • Dave Groff - Secretary
  • Bernie Martin - Treasurer
  • Jessica Baker
  • Evelyn Boatwright
  • Stephanie Bolton
  • Maureen Deane
  • Diana Filipi
  • Mark Kavit
  • Rebecca Quinn [3]


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