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Lonnie Murray is an elected official representing Albemarle County on the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District. He has also serves on the Natural Heritage Committee and the Rivanna River Basin Commission. [1]

He has advocated for closing loopholes in the Albemarle County's water protection ordinance. [2]

He also raised concerns in regard to how water protection regulations address changes from one land use to another, “Certainly, there are some problems and gaps in the guidance provided to localities in terms of how regulation should occur as properties transition through these different land uses. Particularly, the change from forestry [use] to pasture to residential is not very clear”. [3]

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2011 election for Soil and Water Director, Thomas Jefferson District

Candidates Votes %
Lonnie M. Murray 9,118 36.98
Steven G. Meeks 8,734 35.42
David B. Norford 6,718 27.24
Write-In 84 0.34
Source: Virginia State Board of Elections.[4]


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