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The topic of a living wage is an issue that has been addressed by the City of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia. Its supporters advocate for an increased standard salary.[1] The first living wage campaign in Charlottesville was launched by the Labor Action Group on April 15, 1998.[2]

University of Virginia

The first living wage campaign directed at UVA began in April 2006.[2] Protestors held a four day sit-in in Madison Hall and 17 of those protestors were arrested.[2]

Another campaign was conducted in 2009 and asked for wages to be raised to $11.42 an hour.[2] The group became active again in 2010 and asked for wages to be raised to $11.44.[3] The group has actively campaigned since that time.

In February of 2012, twelve students declared they would be undergoing a hunger strike until a living wage was given to University employees.[4] The strike lasted 13 days. During that time it enlisted 14 more participants and sparked similar protests around the country.[5] UVA did not meet the protester's demands and the University's wages did not change.[6]

City of Charlottesville

On July 16, 2012, City Council voted to increase city employees' living wage from $11.67 to $13 per hour.[7] Concerns were raised about the compression of other city employees hourly salaries so a 2% adjustment was applied to employees who made between $13 and $14 per hour.[7]


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