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List of streets and their namesakes.

Guide to streets

The system of numbering the streets is somewhat similar to the Washington plan. Each block represents 100 numbers, whether heading east, west, north or south. The city is divided into four sections.[1]

  • Fifth – South of 500 W Main Street
  • First – North of East Main and East of North First, or Northeast
  • Second – South of East Main and east of South First, or Southeast
  • Third – North of West Main and west of North First, or Northwest
  • Fourth – South from 402 West Main
  • Sixth-and-a-Half – South from 606 Dice
  • Seventh-and-a-Half – South from 620 Dice
  • Main – The dividing line between north and south streets, runs east from First to C & O Lower Depot, and west from First to University.
  • First – The dividing line between east and west streets, runs north and south from Main to city limits.

Street names in alphabetical order.



In 1919, Stewart Fuller live on Booker Street with his parents, Stewart & Alberta Douglas Fuller.















View of Pen Park Plantation House, ca. 1897. In 1777, Dr. George Gilmer purchased the land and his family owned it until 1800. Originally the estate consisted of four thousand acres; by 1897 all had been sold off save the six hundred acres immediately about the house.
The northern Piedmont is a triangle between Washington, DC, Richmond, and Charlottesville.


  • Quarry Road - for the stone quarry the road previously led to







Colonel Wertenbaker was a Civil War veteran, having serviced in the 19th Virginia Regiment



Street name changes

  • Rosser Ln was originally named Augusta Rd. Constructed sometime after 1938, it appeared as August Rd on the 1950 Census Enumeration Map of Charlottesville.[10]

Extinct streets

  • Alphanso Street – ran north from Williams Street to Preston W first east of 10th NW
  • Apple Street – West of 601 Ridge Street
  • Cabell Street – parallel to Lee Street, subsumed by Pinn Hall at UVA Medical Center
  • Belmont Street – Rose Hill
  • Loudoun Road (ca. 1964) – (undeveloped street between Lewis Mountain and Thomson roads)[11]
  • Park Place Avenue – perpendicular to Lee Street, subsumed by Pinn Hall at UVA Medical Center
  • Randall Street – parallel to Lee Street, subsumed by Pinn Hall at UVA Medical Center
  • Williams Street
  • Wyndhurst Circle and Wyndhurst Way, ca. 1920; precursors to the present-day Preston Place.[12]


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