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List of City of Charlottesville Boards and Commissions

Charlottesville City Council reviews applications on a quarterly basis after an opening has been posted for a minimum of 30 days, unless a deadline is posted otherwise and/or Council determines a vacancy needs to be filled sooner.[1]

Boards with Citizens Appointed by Council

  1. Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail
  2. Board of Architectural Review
  3. Building Code Board of Appeals
  4. CAT Advisory Board
  5. Charlottesville Economic Development Authority
  6. Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority
  7. Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Authority
  8. Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Commission
  9. Citizen's Transportation Advisory Committee
  10. Community Development Block Grant Task Force
  11. Community Policy and Management Team
  12. Electoral Board
  13. Historic Resources Committee
  14. Housing Advisory Committee
  15. Human Rights Commission
  16. JAUNT
  17. Jefferson Area Board for Aging Advisory Council on Aging
  18. Jefferson Area Board for Aging Board of Directors
  19. Jefferson Area Community Criminal Justice Board
  20. Jefferson-Madison Regional Library Board
  21. Measurement and Solutions Group
  22. Minority Business Commission
  23. Monticello Area Community Action Agency Board
  24. Parking Advisory Panel
  25. Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
  26. Personnel Appeals Board
  27. Piedmont Family YMCA Board of Directors
  28. Piedmont Virginia Community College Board
  29. PLACE Design Task Force
  30. Planning Commission
  31. Police Civilian Review Board
  32. Region Ten Community Services Board
  33. Retirement Commission
  34. Ridge Street Priority Neighborhood Task Force
  35. Rivanna Solid Waste Authority
  36. Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority
  37. Sister Cities Commission
  38. Social Services Advisory Board
  39. Towing Advisory Board
  40. Tree Commission
  41. Vendor Appeals Board
  42. Water Resources Protection Program Advisory Committee
  43. Youth Council

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