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Jefferson Park Avenue (JPA) is a secondary roadway in Charlottesville.

JPA's northern terminus is at its intersection with West Main Street (Route 250), near the UVa Medical Center and eastern Corner District. The southern terminus is at the three-way intersection with Harris Road and Camellia Drive.

Along its course from north to south, the road intersects Route 29 at the terminus of Emmet Street, and then Fontaine Avenue. Between Emmet and Fontaine, the road is one of Charlottesville's Entrance Corridors.

From the Fontaine intersection to the southern terminus, the road is signed Jefferson Park Avenue Extended. A bridge along this stretch of road, which crosses the Norfolk Southern Railroad, was closed for construction on April 4, 2011. [1] It did not reopen until September 21, 2012. Owners of businesses on JPA complained that the construction caused them to lose customers. The reconstruction project cost $11.7 million.[2]

Jefferson Park Avenue shares its name with a neighborhood in Charlottesville.

Jefferson Park Avenue Neighborhood


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The road gives its name to the Jefferson Park Avenue neighborhood.