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Interstate 64 is the only U.S. interstate highway in Albemarle County. A sliver of it passes through the City of Charlottesville

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Planning for the road dates back to the late 1950's. A southern alignment and a northern alignment were both under consideration by the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads.

In June 1959, the State Highway Commission opted for the southern route. Consultants had recommended the northern route. [1]

The course is approximately east-west. From the west, it enters the county at Afton, continues eastward near Charlottesville, and enters Fluvanna County to the east, past Keswick. Throughout the county, it closely follows the path of U.S. Route 250.

Local exits

There are seven exits in Albemarle County.

Exit number Signed as
Old New
20 107 US Route 250 to Crozet, Yancey Mills
21 114 County 637 to Ivy
22 118 US Route 29 118A to Lynchburg (south) and 118B Culpeper (north)
23 120 County 631, 5th Street to Charlottesville
24 121 Virginia State Route 20 121A to Scottsville (south) and 121B to Charlottesville (north)
25 124 US Route 250 to Shadwell (east), Charlottesville (west)
26 129 County 616 to Keswick, Boyd Tavern


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