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The Human Rights Task Force was created by Charlottesville City Council with the purpose of investigating the need for a Charlottesville Commission on Human Rights.

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The Human Rights Task Force was created in February 2012.[1] The task force is charged with collaborating with organizations designed to address discriminatory practices, cataloging discrimination complaints, providing referral services, and performing follow-ups to the complaints. The information collected will be presented to the City Council before the end of 2012 and used to address the need for a Human Rights Commission.[2]

Funding for the program comes from the city's Dialogue on Race. [3]

As of 2012, the task force has received over 50 complaints of alleged discrimination. [4]

On June 29, 2012, the task force co-sponsored a community meeting with the Virginia Human Rights association. The event hosts representatives from the City of Alexandria, County of Arlington, County of Fairfax, City of Newport News, Prince William County, City of Virginia Beach, and the Virginia Council on Human Rights to discuss human rights models currently in use in their communities and answer questions about their organizations. The information provided during the meeting will assist the task force in their recommendation regarding a Human Rights Commission in Charlottesville.[5]

On December 4, 2012, the group voted 6-4 to recommend that the city create a human rights commission with enforcement powers. [6]


2012 Task force members include:[2]


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