Eastern Avenue underpass

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Eastern Avenue (Underpass)


Project Overview

Interconnect future Crozet neighborhoods by crossing CSX railway.
Cost $1,000,000
Sponsor Albemarle
Next meeting While no specific meeting, The Eastern Avenue Underpass could be discussed as the Crozet Master Plan is revisited in 2009.

Status Update

Contact Juandiego Wade, Transportation Planner, Albemarle County


Project Details

The Eastern Avenue Underpass is a project to create a grade-separated crossing of the CSX railway. The current[when?] cost estimate is $1,000,000. It requires the Lickinghole Creek Bridge. The project is part of the Crozet Master Plan.


This project is currently[when?] not a priority on the County’s Secondary Six-Year Improvement Program. As such, there is currently no public meeting.

The project will proceed as Albemarle County considers the rezoning of property in and around the area.