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County Area Places 29
District Rio Magisterial District
No. Lots 378
Housing SFD/attached
Year Started 1992
Year Complete 2006

Elementary Agnor-Hurt Elementary School
Middle Burley Middle School
High School Albemarle High School

Other Attributes
Bus Route Route 11
Gated No

Neighborhood Recreation
Tennis Courts

Natural Amenities
Community Garden
Rivanna River Walking Trails

HOA Dunlora Community Association
Contact 1413 Sachem Place, Suite 2, Charlottesville, VA 22901

(434) 984-0700

Website Community Association

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Dunlora is a subdivision located on Rio Road East with 378 homes built between 1992 and 2006.[1] At first made up exclusively of single family detached housing, it now includes a number of one-level attached homes called River Crest villas.[2] The older homes near the entrance of Dunlora range from 3,000 to 5,000 square feet and were custom built. Styles include Cape Cod, neocolonial, neo-Mediterranean, and Victorian. In the newer sections of the neighborhood, the homes are more modestly sized and were built in groups by developers like Van Der Linde and Robert Hauser. Residents pay annual dues of $770 to the Dunlora Community Association.[1]


There were 20 sales in Dunlora in 2011 and 14 in 2012. Sale prices for those two years fell between $327,500 and $595,000.[2]


In 1730, 'Dunlora' was the name for a 5,000-acre parcel of land along the Rivanna River. The parcel was granted to Major Thomas Carr by King George II to Major Thomas Carr as a reward for “services to the Crown.”[2] In 2010, Dunlora residents considered hiring archers to thin the deer population in the neighborhood. By a vote of 297 to 251, residents decided to spare the deer.[3]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 78°27′30″S 38°03′53″W / -78.458216°N 38.064694°W / -78.458216; -38.064694


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