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Craig Evans

Craig Evans is a member of the Albemarle County Fiscal Impact Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors of Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population.

In November 2009 he launched Your Democracy, a non-profit organization that seeks to inform and engage citizens on important policy issues.

Bio from the ASAP website

"Craig Evans has over 25 years experience working at the local, state and federal levels to forge cooperative alliances. He has three principal areas of expertise: (1) Sustainable land use policies (he helped develop an innovative rural land protection and compact development policy that became a part of Florida State law in 2001); (2) Public policy development (he was involved in crafting several key sections of the recent U.S. Energy Policy Acts and Farm Bills); and (3) the commercial deployment of advanced biofuel technologies (he is Director of Government Affairs for the developers of an innovative technology that can turn society's disposables into clean liquid fuel and power)."[1].

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