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Cherry Avenue is a road in the city of Charlottesville. The Cherry Avenue Corridor is the focus of ongoing discussions about revitalization. [1] Members of the area have requested a small-area plan be conducted as a result of developments such as William Taylor Plaza. [2] [3]

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In April 1948, City Council discussed acquiring property to connect Cherry Avenue through to Ridge Street. Councilors disagreed about the route. [4]

Cherry Avenue was zoned for mixed-use development in 2003[5], and is one of 14 mixed-use zoning districts (see List of Charlottesville zoning districts).

Small Area Plan

The Fifeville Neighborhood Association has been seeking a formal small-area plan to inform development in the community. Much of the road between Roosevelt Brown Boulevard and Ridge Street is zoned for mixed-use.

Members of the city planning commission took a tour of Cherry Avenue on June 28, 2016. [6]

The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission is conducting the plan for the city at a cost of $134,000. [7]

Recommendations from plan

Parks & Recreation Spring Community Event & activation of Tonsler Park ampitheater
Possible precursor to annual Cherry Blossom Festival and more formal music series
Expand community building at Tonsler
Make additional room for parties, classes, and other events
Covered outdoor seating at Tonsler Park
Create shaded areas to better utilize park during hotter summer weather
Seating/bleachers at basketball courts at Tonsler
Build on success of basketball tournaments in the area
Cherry Avenue corridor landscaping improvements
Improve green spaces and landscaping of Fifeville community
Upgrade existing baseball field at Tonsler Park
Address concerns of disrepair
Add removable soccer goals to open field at Forest Hills Park
Forest Hills Park is a possible location for temporary soccer goals
Add snack bar or other alternative to vending machines at both parks
Improves quality of community spaces for events and to encourage community gatherings
Add additional basketball courts to Forest Hills Park
Invest in necessary maintenance and expand capacity
Activate city park space at Cherry Ave. and Rockcreek Rd. intersection & explore possible site for community garden
Opportunity to develop parcel into pocket park with seating, play space for children, or programming. Explore this and other potential locations for community garden
Improve trash collection in parks and public areas
Add more trash cans, increase the frequency of trash collection, organize community clean-up day
Transportation Create bike & pedestrian connection between Tonsler and Forest Hills Park
Connects two key amenities in Fifeville community
Add multi-use path between Tonsler Park & Greenstone on 5th
Implementation of City Bike & Pedestrian Plan recommendation; provides ability to walk from homes to park safely
Add trail connection from Tonsler Park to 7 1/2 Street (per Tonsler Master Park Plan)
Increases neighborhood connectivity to park/increases access and safety
Add sidewalks on 6 1/2 Street, 6th Street, and 9th Street (per City's Bike & Pedestrian Plan)
Will bridge gaps in existing sidewalk network
Develop lighting plan for Fifeville neighborhood
Identify appropriate capital projects
Develop infrastructure asset inventory
Identify conditions of bike and pedestrian facilities
Widen turn lane on Cherry Avenue at Ridge Street intersection & look at feasibility of adding bicycle climbing lane
Add dedicated bike climbing lanes on Cherry Avenue from Ridge Street to 6 1/2 Street
Request formal speed/traffic study from City on Cherry Avenue, Prospect Avenue, Forest Hills Avenue, & intersection of Cherry Avenue & 7 1/2 Street
Speeding has been identified as a major concern along with tight turning movements & obstructed sight lines
Identify locations where driveway entrances could be eliminated/redesigned to improve pedestrian safety
Coordinate with property owners, residents and City staff
Clearly mark 6 1/2 Street as one-way
Work with property owners and City staff
Explore options to improve visibility along Dice Street
Concerns over lack of visibility due to grade change, esp. at intersection of Dice St. and 6th St.
Relocate CAT bus stop farther from crosswalk on Cherry Avenue
Improve pedestrian sight lines
Transportation Add covered bus shelters at CAT stops
Encourage greater use of transit system/reduce traffic congestion
Expand transit service by providing more frequent service intervals
Coordinate with CAT to determine barriers to increased service and work with residents to remedy barriers
Promote alternative commuting options & explore opportunities for additional Park & Ride lots
Work with regional Ride Share program to market program to area employers to help reduce commuter traffic volumes
Economic Development Provide skills-building opportunities for Fifeville residents such as job development, budgeting & financial management, rental & homeownership
Meet with Piedmont Community College and Charlottesville City to develop programs to teach/develop these skills
Fifeville food justice/community market feasibility report
Meet with applicable community groups/develop new partnerships/identify need for and logistics of market
Evaluate & leverage Opportunity Zone designation for opportunities to attract capital investments consistent with community vision
Spur mindful growth and economic expansion to increase capital investments in Fifeville
Increase access to supports for small businesses
Work with City Economic Development Department & Fifeville community to develop streamlined access for small business start-up resources
Start a business association for Cherry Avenue businesses
Work with the City to develop model for a new business association
Community Building Install community murals/public art displays
Partner with property owners and art groups that display Fifeville themes
Install signage and historic markers
Communicate the stories/history of Fifeville
Explore opportunities for creative traffic calming investments that articulate the neighborhood's history & culture
Increase pedestrian safety by installing creative interventions (artistic crosswalks, intersection mandalas, etc.) at identified cross streets
Build & strengthen relationships between community non-profits, businesses, & other institutions
Increase capacity of neighborhood to implement, manage, & initiate their community improvement projects
Build & strengthen relationships between community institutions and potential developers
Relationship building between Fifeville neighborhood and the development community to increase transparency & create a feedback channel
Consider more formalization of Fifeville Neighborhood Association, similar to a community development corporation
Formalization or partnership opportunities with an existing non-profit would enable the Fifeville community to compete for additional capital investment resources
Expand afterschool programming and improve access
Discuss opportunities to expand services/programming with the City school system, UVA, Boys & Girls Club, and area residents
Land Use Re-examine massing regulations of Cherry Avenue Corridor to support neighborhood-scaled development
Consider amendments to Cherry Avenue Corridor District if form-based code is deemed inappropriate
Support/incentivize locally-owned businesses along Cherry Avenue & support/encourage existing businesses to stay in Fifeville
Provide pathways to financial capital for local entrepreneurs, especially for minority-owned businesses; establish small business association/mentorship opportunities
Re-examine allowable uses in zoning code
Ensure that allowed use regulations are consistent with community's preferred uses
Explore traditional & creative opportunities to provide access to necessary services in the neighborhood
Study options for purchasing property and entering into P3 strategies for incubating desired uses (i.e. groceries, laundry mat, eating establishments)
Support/encourage existing businesses to stay in Fifeville using economic/community development funding and policy tools
Closely coordinate with existing businesses and property owners to develop business retention strategies
Include Cherry Avenue zoning review as specific deliverable in City-wide zoning update
Include in RFP for Comprehensive Plan update, Zoning Ordinance, and Affordable Housing policy
Explore opportunities for the City to acquire property(ies) along Cherry Avenue to serve as a catalyst for community-driven development
Identify prime properties along Cherry Avenue corridor that would support neighborhood vision
Housing Promote/encourage use of accessory dwelling units as affordable housing options
Explore, develop and implement a program
Identify properties for housing development under Charlottesville Affordable Housing Trust Fund/Thomas Jefferson Community Land Trust
Utilize land trusts to maintain housing affordability as property values rise
Inform residents of existing housing programs & services
Develop outreach and education strategies
Develop list of area residents willing to volunteer skills/equipment to aid with home maintenance
Create opportunities for neighbors in Fifeville to connect with one another
Protect/preserve historic single-family housing while balancing the need for expansion of affordable housing options
Explore the feasibility of a potential historic overly district, ensuring that identified strategies do not drive up the cost of housing if applied indiscriminately


  • Atlas Projects is obtained a rezoning of land in the 900 block of King Street from single-family residential to the Cherry Avenue zoning. [8] City Council held its first reading of the rezoning on July 5, 2017. [9]


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Fifeville Neighborhood Association small-area plan website


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