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The Charlottesville Police Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization of local citizens who help our police get the tools and training they need to do their best work. [1]

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The Charlottesville Police Department, under the command of Chief Timothy J. Longo, Sr., is being transformed from a reactive force focused on arresting lawbreakers to one that is creatively connecting with the community to solve specific problems.

However, as in most cities, 90 percent of the Charlottesville police budget goes to pay for salaries and vehicles. And housing costs are so high here that very few officers can afford to live in the city they serve.

Founded in 2004 by a group of local citizens, the Foundation helps the department by providing advanced training, new technologies and equipment, housing assistance, structured community outreach and other support.



In partnership with the University of Virginia and local attorneys, the Foundation underwrites tactical and legal training to officers on topics relevant to their professional duties. The Foundation has also partnered with the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation to enable officers to receive extensive command college training in preparation for leadership positions.


The Foundation helps to secure grants for police equipment, training and technologies that are beyond the reach of the city’s budget. Recent grants have funded crime analysis software, honor guard equipment, translation services, animal control equipment and leadership training.


Most of the police officers who serve Charlottesville commute to work from neighboring towns and counties. Of 117 officers, only a few own homes in the city. High housing costs are a key obstacle in the department’s ability to recruit and retain great staff and to achieve its goal of being a community-oriented police force. The Foundation helps by working with local banks, real estate agents, property owners and other housing programs to provide customized assistance and education so that our police officers can buy homes and put down roots in the city they serve. The Foundation’s housing program was awarded a Catalyst Grant by the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation.


The Foundation sponsors an annual Awards Banquet, held each year to recognize and honor the extraordinary work of all the men and women of the Charlottesville Police Department. This formal recognition improves departmental morale and helps challenge department members to perform their duties in a manner above and beyond the normal call of duty. It also serves to remind the community of the dedication of department personnel and the importance of the Department to quality of life in the City of Charlottesville.


The Foundation’s communications and outreach program supports a vision where the community and police work together to solve problems by providing information on police initiatives and creating varied opportunities for community involvement with police. Community outreach activities include: an annual Cops 4 Kids fun day in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club “Friday Nights” program for teens and officers to hang out at the Boys & Girls Club together a public awareness campaign called “Did You Know?” which highlights facts about the Department an annual Citizens Police Academy at which a dozen or so citizens get an in-depth education about the Police Department facilitating meetings on gun violence and gang activity for interested groups


  • Randy Castleman, President
  • Shawn Johnson, Secretary
  • Dan Goodall, Treasurer
  • Jonathan Blank
  • Josh Bowers
  • Mark Cave
  • Chris Craytor
  • Mary Loose DeViney
  • Jeff Gaffney
  • Rachel Harmon
  • Dreama Johnson
  • Antonio Rice
  • Mindy Goodall, Executive Director[2]


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