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The Charlottesville City School Board is the body that makes decisions related to Charlottesville City Schools. The city switched to an elected school board in 2006. Members are elected to four-year terms.

Charlottesville elects its seven-member School Board in a non-partisan election held at the same time as the general election for City Council. School Board members are elected at-large for four-year terms, with elections staggered each two years.

  • All Virginia school board elections are nonpartisan by law. School Board candidates in Virginia must qualify for the ballot as “independents” (by voter petition signatures), so primary elections are never held for school board.

2019 election

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Amy Laufer resigned in early January. The Board will make an appointment at its meeting on February 21, 2019.

Former member and chair Ned Michie will seek a return to the board on an interim basis to replace Laufer, as will Former City Councilor Kristin Szakos. It is not clear if they will seek the elected position. The School Board will make an appointment on February 21. [1]

2018 election

There will be a special election this year to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Adam Hastings on March 3. [2]

Applications to serve as an interim member until the November 6 election will be taken through March 23.

Candidates for interim appointment


  1. Jennifer McKeever, Board Chair, term ends 2020
  2. James Bryant
  3. Ned Michie, term ends 2020 (appointed in February 2019 to fill out term of Amy Laufer) [3]
  4. Leah Puryear, Vice Chair, term ends 2021
  5. Sherry Kraft, term ends 2020
  6. Lisa Larson-Torres, term ends 2021
  7. Juandiego R. Wade, term ends 2021 [4][5]

2013-2014 term


City Council & School Board (1960-2007)

  • Prior to 1995, Virginia school board members were appointed. The 1994 General Assembly passed an act(Approved April 10, 1994) allowing localities to decide between elected and appointed boards. The statute reads:
"If a majority of the qualified voters voting in such referendum vote in favor of changing the method of selecting school board members to direct election by the voters, then the members of the school board shall be elected by popular vote. Elections of school board members in a county, city, or town shall be held to coincide with the elections for members of the governing body of the county, city, or town at the regular general election in November in the case of a county or the regular general election in May in the case of a city or town. In no event shall any election of school board members take place prior to 1994." § 22.1-57.3. Election of school board members. (1994)
  • In 2004, the 2004-2005 City Council passed an ordinance moving the municipal elections from May to November and changing the method of selecting school board members to direct election by the voters.[7].


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