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The Charlottesville Electoral Board is a three-member body appointed by the chief judge of the judicial circuit for the county or city or that judge's designee, Charlottesville Circuit Court, from nominations made by the Democratic and Republican parties. The Electoral Board is charged with conducting elections in Charlottesville and certifying the results. [citation needed]

The Charlottesville Electoral Board is in the process of appointing a General Registrar; the 4-year term of office begins on July 1, 2019.[1] The Statewide and Local 2019 election will be held on November 5th.

Electoral Board members and office

Annual Board election results for terms beginning on March 1, 2019:

  1. Anne Hemenway (Democratic Party), Chair
  2. Jon Bright, (Republican Party), Vice Chair
  3. Jim Nix, (Democratic Party) Secretary

Electoral board members serve three-year terms and appointed to staggered terms.

General Registrar/Director of Elections

Deputy Registrar

Jamie Virostko, Acting Deputy Registrar[4]

Job Description / Duties

The Electoral Board of each County and City in Virginia is made up of three members who serve three-year staggered terms. Two members are members of the political party of the most recently elected governor. The chair and secretary must represent different political parties unless the position is declined. Although the bipartisan board is appointed by the Circuit Court based upon local party recommendations, each member must carry out official duties in a nonpartisan manner. The authority for the administration of all aspects of elections for the locality remains with the Electoral Board, including oversight of the General Registrar/Director of Elections, and is responsible to the State Board of Elections for that administration. It employs and supervises the General Registrar, who handles voter records. Generally, the work of the Electoral Board should be shared equally by all three members, although the Secretary has additional responsibilities.[5]

Straight from City's website: The Electoral Board for the City of Charlottesville is a three member board appointed by the Charlottesville Circuit Court Judges to a staggered, three-year term beginning March 1st. Appointments are based on nominations from the local committees of the two political parties which received the most votes statewide in the most recent gubernatorial election. The Governor's party has two representatives on the Board and the party receiving the next highest number of votes has one representative. The Electoral Board is charged with conducting elections in Charlottesville and certifying the results.[6]

Electoral board members serve three-year terms and appointed to staggered terms, one term to expire at midnight on the last day of February each year. The board shall elect one of its members as chairman and another as secretary. The chairman and the secretary shall represent different political parties, unless the representative of the second-ranked political party declines in writing to accept the unfilled office.[7]

Electoral Board Meetings

The following meeting schedule was announced at March 12, 2019 meeting: [8]

  • Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 5:45 PM in the Voter Registration and Elections Office, City Hall Annex Building, 120 7th St. NE, Room 142, for the purpose of conducting a random draw to determine ballot order for the Democratic Primary for City Council among candidates who filed at the same time, in addition to normal business.
  • Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 5:45 PM in the City Hall 2nd floor conference room, for the purpose of reviewing and agreeing on questions for the first round of interviews for appointment of a General Registrar for the 4-year term beginning July 1, 2019.
  • Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 5:45 PM in the City Hall 2nd floor conference room, for the purpose of determining those to be interviewed and scheduling interviews for the position of General Registrar.

Former Electoral Board members

Former General Registrar & Director of Elections

Bencoach told the Charlottesville Board of Elections in December 2018 that she would not seek reappointment to another four-year term. Her tenure started in early 2015, at the end of a saga that led to the resignation of Registrar Sheri Iachetta.[11]

Cellphone controversy

The Daily Progress reported in August 2014 that former member Joan Schatzman had turned over records that indicated former board member Stephanie Commander continued to use a cellphone paid for by the city more than three years after leaving service for a total of $2,530. [13]

Stephanie Commander and Sheri Iachetta were both charged with felonies on September 15, 2014. [14]


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