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The Building Goodness Foundation (BGF) is a Charlottesville-based 501(c)3 non-profit that connects skilled volunteers from the design and construction industry with vulnerable communities at home and abroad. In partnership with best-practice non-government organizations (NGOs) and domestic nonprofits, they build critically needed schools, health clinics, homes, and centers for ecological and economic development.” [1]


Building Goodness was founded in 1999 by a group of local builders who wanted to assist with the development of infrastructure in Haiti. One of the founders is Jack Stoner.[2]

Local projects

BGF works at home and abroad. Building Goodness Foundation was established in Charlottesville and continues to work locally. Their current focus is on projects in Virginia, Colorado, Central America, the Caribbean, and West Africa. BGF prioritizes work that aligns with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals of Universal Primary Education, Improved Maternal Health, Environmental Sustainability, and Economic Development.

In September 2010, the group assisted Children Youth and Family Services with a new playground near their new headquarters.[3] The beneficiaries of other projects include the Monticello Area Community Action Agency (MACAA), the Sexual Assault Resources Agency (SARA), the Thomas Jefferson Coalition for the Homeless (TJACH),[4] and many others.

Equipment is donated by firms such as Better Living.[3]

Board of Directors

  • J.D. Diven, President
  • Gerry Starsia, Vice President
  • Mason Brugh, Treasurer
  • Diane Hillman, Secretary
  • Richard Busofsky
  • Michael Cernik
  • Athena Eastwood
  • Dan Fagan
  • Susan Fraiman
  • Mike Gallahue
  • Matthew Graham
  • Robert Gray
  • Anne Hooff
  • Jack Horn, Jr.
  • Jack Stoner
  • Bruce Wachtel


  • Kelly Eplee, Executive Director[3]
  • Dallas Branum, Local Projects Coordinator
  • Katherine Garstang, Office Manager
  • Sarah Lawson, Communications Coordinator
  • Cary Oliva, Development Coordinator
  • Courtney Polk, Volunteer Recruiter & Coordinator/Grants Coordinator
  • Allison Scholl, Director of Communications & Development
  • Ethan Tate, International Projects Coordinator[5]



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