Brian Vanyo

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Brian Vanyo

District Samuel Miller
Election November 3, 2015
For term to start Nov. 2015
Term End Dec. 2019
Incumbent Jon Stokes

Biographical Information

Date of birth Oct. 21, 1975
Age 48
Residence Albemarle County, Virginia

Brian Vanyo was twice a candidate for the Samuel Miller District seat on the Albemarle County School Board in 2015. He lost to Graham Paige in the general election. [1]

He had also applied to fill the Samuel Miller Magisterial District seat on the Albemarle County School Board after Eric Strucko resigned. Professionally, Vanyo is an intelligence officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency[2].

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Candidate Profile Resources
Candidate Brian Vanyo
Office Albemarle County School Board
Election year 2015 election
Logo-small25.jpg Candidate interviews by Charlottesville Tomorrow
Candidate interview transcript
Candidate interview audio

Source website


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