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An Architectural Design Control district, also known an local historic district, is an area that is protected from development through zoning. Buildings in an Architectural Design Control district must have approval from the Architectural Review Board before any changes can be made to its exterior. [1]

"The goal of [Architectural Design Control districts] is to identify and preserve buildings, structures, landscapes, settings, neighborhoods, places, and features with historic, cultural and architectural significance; to protect visible reminders of the historic, cultural, architectural, or archaeological heritage of the city; to ensure that new buildings, additions, and landscaping will be in harmony with the existing character; to maintain property values; and to promote tourism and quality of life." [1]

Existing districts include:

  • North Downtown
  • Downtown
  • Ridge Street
  • West Main Street
  • Wertland Street
  • The Corner
  • Oakhurst/Gildersleeve
  • Rugby Road-University Circle-Venable Neighborhood[1]
  • Individually Protected Properties.


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