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Albemarle County is located county in Central Virginia. The County seat is in Charlottesville, though the two jurisdictions are separate. A portion of the University of Virginia's Central Grounds is also located within an island of Albemarle County.

In 2005, the US Census estimated Albemarle County's population at 92,035[1] people.


The county has a total area of 726 square miles. Much of it can be explored using the County's Geographic Information Service.

County Government

The County's legislative body is the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors. Departments include Community Development.

Magisterial Districts

The County is split into six Magisterial Districts: White Hall, Scottsville, Samuel Miller, Jack Jouett, Rio, and Rivanna.

Board of Supervisors

The current members of the Board of Supervisors are:

Ken Boyd, Chairman, Rivanna)

Ann Mallek (White Hall)

Lindsay Dorrier (Scottsville)

Dennis Rooker (Jack Jouett)

David Slutzky (Rio)

Sally Thomas (Samuel Miller)

20071221oath1.gif Boyd, Dorrier, and Mallek were all sworn in on December 21, 2007.

Contact Information

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors have a website. Every meeting is also podcast in its entirety. Recently these podcasts have been enhanced, and listeners can now obtain audio from individual items on the agenda.

List of previous Supervisors

Architectural Review Board -

Planning Commission

Board and Commissions


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While Albemarle County only has one independent town, there are several distinct communities in the County.

Scottsville is an independent town located along the James River in the southern part of the County. It has its own town council and police force.

Unincorporated towns include Crozet, Earlysville, Free Union, Ivy, Keene, North Garden, Keswick and Covesville


The County's water supply is managed by the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority. The County Executive serves as one of five voting members of the RWSA's Board of Directors. Albemarle County residents on public water pay their bills to the Albemarle County Service Authority, which maintains the delivery to its customers.

The County does not currently build its own roads, but there has been discussion of taking on more responsibility to build and finance road projects. The County has a priority list for how Virginia Department of Transportation funding should be spent on both primary and secondary roads.

There are six Magisterial Districts.


Albemarle County Geographic Information Systems