Albemarle County

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Albemarle County is located county in Central Virginia. The County seat is in Charlottesville, though the two jurisdictions are separate. A portion of the University of Virginia's Central Grounds is also located within an island of Albemarle County.

In 2005, the US Census estimated Albemarle County's population at 92,035[1] people.

County Government


While Albemarle County only has one independent town, there are several distinct communities in the County.

Scottsville is an independent town located along the James River in the southern part of the County. It has its own town council and police force.

Unincorporated towns include Crozet, Earlysville, Free Union, Ivy, Keene, North Garden, Keswick and Covesville

There are six Magisterial Districts.


Albemarle County Geographic Information Systems