1928 election

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There were five open seats for City Commissioner in 1928.

On June 12, 1928, the second Tuesday of June, voters in Charlottesville went to the polls to elect all five members of City Council. Eight candidates competed for all five Council seats, the first election under the new Commission Form of government authorized by an amendment of the city charter by the General Assembly. Five candidates were nominated by a composite body representing several civic organizations.

At this first election of the new form of government as outlined by the 1922 charter, the three candidates receiving the highest number of votes held office for four years and the two receiving the next highest number of votes, held office for two years; with the next election held in 1930, the term of office of councilmen would be four years.

Three commissioners of the old office were re-elected (Fred L. Watson, Jury Y. Brown, E. A. Joachim), and two others, John R. Morris and F. W. Twyman were chosen to make up the full completed council authorized by an amendment of the city charter by the General Assembly. [1]

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