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This article is a date listing important events for the year 1927.


  • City population grew from 10,688 in 1920 to 15,245 by 1930.[1]
  • September 5Daily Progress: The schools of the city opened with a very full enrollment. The figures given from the official data handed in to the superintendent’s office at the close of business this day were Total white and colored 3,111. One notable thing about work at Midway is the desire among the girls for domestic science classes. [2] (e.g. 75% white; 25% colored)



  • July 25 - John West, born a slave in Charlottesville and freed at the end of the civil war, he became a prominent businessman and civic leader.



Fast Facts for the 2018-2019 School Year[3]

City population: 48,019 (est. as of July 1, 2017, U.S. Census Bureau)
Student enrollment (K-12): 4,337 (Oct. 2018)
43% white; 31% black; 12% Hispanic/Latino; 6% Asian/Pacific Islander/Hawaii; 8% 2+ or other races