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  • April 17Civil War: Delegates to the Virginia Convention of 1861 voted eighty-eight to fifty-five to ratify the Ordinance of Secession and secede from the Union.[1]
  • Founded in July, the Charlottesville General Hospital comprised some 500 beds distributed among various buildings in town and at the University of Virginia, including the Rotunda, portions of The Lawn, and on Carr's Hill.[2]
  • July 13Civil War: By proclamation of Virginia Governor John Letcher, the entire regiment of officers and men of Captain John J. Johnson's Company, 12th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, Virginia Militia was called out with orders to rendezvous at Charlottesville. In 1859, all of the men in the company joined the Confederate army at the beginning of the Civil War. [3]






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