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10th & Grove is a 6 Unit (4 single family & one single family attached) Planned Unit Development at 1000 & 1002 Grove St. It was approved on October 2, 2006, one month before City Council approved an amendment to the PUD ordinance requiring new PUDs to sit on a minimum of 2 acres.

In September 2009, the Planning Commission approved a preliminary site plan, authorizing three homes originally designed as a triplex to be split into a detached unit and a duplex.

In 2014 the developers, Dickerson Homes, submitted an amendment to the PUD and a site plan application. The application was denied on the grounds that it didn't meet the 2 acre minimum and the deviation was too great to qualify for vested rights. The decision was appealed to the Planning Commission at its July 8, 2014 meeting.[1]

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