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York Place is a 2.5 story building located on the Downtown Mall between First Street S and Second Street SW. It contains a collection of restaurants, shops, and 20 rental apartments. It was developed by Chuck Lewis and is owned by York Property, which keeps its headquarters in the building. The building is named after York, an African-American explorer on the Lewis and Clark expedition. It features plaques, artwork, and boulders commemorating the expedition.[1]

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York Place opened on November 30, 1995, establishing Lewis as the top residential landlord on the Mall.[2] It replaced the former Rose's building, which was itself built on the site of the former Lafayette Theater.[3] In 2003, Council heard an appeal of a Board of Architectural Review ruling about signs at York Place.[4]

Current tenants

As of January 2019, retail establishments located in York Place include:



Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′50″N 78°28′41″W / 38.030593°N 78.478068°W / 38.030593; -78.478068


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