Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association

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The Woolen Mills Neighborhood Associationwas formed in 1980. Its presidents since inception: Mike Van Yahres, Jan 14,1980; Roy Baltimore, November 1981; Dale Reece, September 1983; Fran Lawrence and Peggy Van Yahres co-Presidents, 1984-85; Steve Deupree, 1985; Bev Catlin, 1986; Joe Rhames & Marianne Sullivan co-presidents, 1988-89; Raymond Bibb, 1990; Jon Fink, 1993-2002; Allison Ewing, 2002-2006; Jon Semmelhack and Laura Covert, co-presidents, 2006; Victoria Dunham and Laura Covert, co-presidents, 2008; Victoria Dunham, 2008; Bill Emory, chair, elected 9/27/12

John Frazee, the current chair of the nine member WMNA Board, was elected 10/13/14.

The primary goal of the WMNA as outlined in its bylaws

1. The cultivation of a good community spirit and the conservation and enhancement of our area as an attractive, harmonious, safe and enjoyable place to live, to raise one's family and to age in place, while benefiting from mutual support and respect for individual needs. Representatives will take concerted action to conserve and improve the area as a historic residential neighborhood, including, when necessary, action to protect the integrity of the community.

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