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The Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association (WMNA) is the neighborhood association for the Woolen Mills neighborhood. The WMNA was formed in 1980[citation needed].


The current leadership of the WMNA were elected in October 2018. Six of the nine board seats are currently vacant.

  • Stephen Kiningham, Chair
  • Mariel Childress, Vice Chair
  • Howard Evergreen, Secretary/Treasurer

Past Presidents

WMNA resident historian Bill Emory compiled the following list of historic WMNA leadership.

  • Mike Van Yahres, elected 1980
  • Roy Baltimore, 1981
  • Dale Reece, 1983
  • Fran Lawrence and Peggy Van Yahres, 1984
  • Steve Deupree, 1985
  • Bev Catlin, 1986
  • Joe Rhames and Marianne Sullivan, 1988
  • Raymond Bibb, 1990
  • Jon Fink, 1993
  • Allison Ewing, 2002
  • Jon Semmelhack and Laura Covert, 2006
  • Victoria Dunham, 2008
  • Bill Emory, 2012
  • John Frazee, 2014

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