Woodbrook Natural Area Design

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Woodbrook Natural Area Design

Project Overview
Cost estimate $320,000
Timing Catalyst (first 5 years)
Potential funding sources Albemarle CIP
Next meeting None

Status Update

A natural area near the Woodbrook neighborhood is one of several transformative projects called for in the Rio Road Small Area Plan. [1]

This project supports the plan's vision of Conservation.

See also Woodbrook Natural Area Construction.

Description from plan

"The County owns a 7.6 acre parcel south of the Woodbrook neighborhood that serves as a stormwater management facility for the surrounding commercial developments. The property is a forest with streams, wetlands, and an informal trail network. While publicly owned, it is not advertised or widely used as a public park.

While the area is intended to maintainits natural setting to provide much needed green space to the area, Phase 1 of the project should focus on engaging the community to help design the park facilities. Community priorities such as safety, accessibility, and trail networks should be taken into consideration in the design. Neighbors from Woodbrook, the apartment communities to the southeast, and students and staff of Woodbrook Elementary School should be invited to provide park design input.

Phase 2 will include the development and construction of the facilities identified in Phase 1."


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