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William T. Early (d. July 15, 1874) was elected to Charlottesville's town council in 1857 and elected mayor in 1859 succeeding James A. Leitch.

Early was married to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of James and Frances Michie.

James was a descendant of John Michie, the first Michie who settled in the county. James attained a prominent position in the affairs of the county. He was a successful business man, was appointed a magistrate in 1816, and served as Sheriff in 1843. He died in 1850. His wife was Frances, daughter of Thomas Garth Jr., and there children included Mary Elizabeth, the wife of William T. Early.

W. T. Early was a Representative of Albemarle in the House of Burgesses, and Legislature, 1856-1857; succeeded John W. Goss.

The Daily Progress July 1, 1902 issue listed Capt. W. T. Early among the Confederate Soldiers interred in Maplewood Cemetery.[1]

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