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Westhaven is a public housing site in Charlottesville managed by the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority that houses 126 families over 10 acres in the 10th and Page neighborhood. It is named after John West, a prominent barber[1]. The project cost $1.5 million when it was constructed. [2] Westhaven was built in 1964. [3]


"In line with federal programming, the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority was established in 1954 to meet the needs of Charlottesville’s low-income residents. Westhaven is one of the CRHA’s first projects, constructed in 1963."[4]

"In 1960, when the CRHA decided to redevelop the Vinegar Hill neighborhood, the city created the public housing project of Westhaven to house the displaced residents. Completed in 1964, Westhaven provided many years of quality low-income housing for Charlottesville residents."[4]

In 1964 the redevelopment of Vinegar Hill resulted in many of those residents moving to Westhaven.[5]

The housing project was named for John West.


A potential redevelopment of the site had been planned during the public housing master plan. Elements included a road connection to West Main Street. This has not materialized. [6]

Nursing Clinic

The Westhaven Nursing Clinic serves residents of the Westhaven community. Funding comes from many sources. The Jefferson Area Board for Aging agreed in 2011 to help with administration of the facility, but that was not enough to avoid a $29,000 shortfall. The Bama Works Fund has pledged to match half of that amount. City Council approved a $7,000 contribution at its meeting on January 3, 2012. [7]



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