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Western Park is a public park anticipated for Crozet.

The land for the park was included in the proffers during the development of Old Trail. March Mountain Properties, the developer of Old Trail, transferred the 36-acre site to Albemarle County in 2010.[1]

A master plan from November 2009 laid out a vision for the park which included a two-story pavilion, picnic shelters, a playground, an amphitheater and trails. The plan estimated the various amenities would cost $3.1 million. The park has not been funded in the county's capital improvements program. [1]

Some residents of Old Trail had hoped the county's Neighborhood Improvements Funding Initiative could be used to support an update of the Western Park master plan and launched a petition in June 2017 calling for $30,000 in NIFI funds to be directed towards the plan's revision.[2] NIFI is a one-time $1.4 million fund that will be split evenly among the county's seven growth areas, which include Crozet. The project selection process remains ongoing and the Board of Supervisors will likely decide which projects will receive funding in the fall of 2017[3] That did not come to pass.

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