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West Main Street is a major thoroughfare in Charlottesville and one of the most rapidly transforming corridors in the community. The street runs for about two-thirds of a mile between the University of Virginia and the Downtown Mall.

In the 2010's, several large buildings were constructed, taking advantage of the larger footprints allowed under the 2003 rezoning. There are still many sites poised for redevelopment, including the site where a University Tire franchise operates at 612 West Main Street. [1]

From 2013 to 2021, the city of Charlottesville had been planning for a streetscape project that been split into four phases. [2] City Council defunded the project in September 2021 and officially canceled it in June 2022. [3]

West Main Street is also the signed portion of Business Route 250 through Charlottesville connecting the University of Virginia to Downtown.


West Main Street has been a major corridor throughout Charlottesville ever since it was part of the Three Notch'd Road. The road was first macadamized in 1895. [4]

James Dinsmore, Thomas Jefferson's building manager, built several brick townhomes on the street in the early 19th century. The road's economic development fortunes took a turn for the positive when the Virginia Central Railroad built tracks alongside. [5]

The road became a core of Charlottesville's African-American community and several important churches as well as the Jefferson School. In the 1930's, automobile dealers opened showrooms on the road, all of which were gone by the end of the 20th century. [5]

West Main is part of the city's Starr Hill neighborhood and sits between Fifeville to the south and Tenth and Page to the north.

21st Century Redevelopment

A series of West Main studies

In 2001, Wallace Roberts and Todd was hired to conduct a study of the road. The West Main Street Open Space and Streetscape Schematics Plan was presented to the City Council in November 2004. [citation needed]

In 2013, the city hired Rhodeside & Harwell to conduct a land-use study and streetscape for the corridor. The direction was set in part by the PLACE Design Task Force at their meeting on November 2012. [6] City Council agreed to spend $350,000 on the project in February 2013. [7]

The study began in October 2013 with a walking tour of the corridor. [8]

In January 2015, Mayor Satyendra Huja announced he could not support the finished product. [9]

Staff held a work session on possible changes to the zoning on March 17, 2015 with Lee Einsweiler of the firm Code Studio. [1]

Rhodeside & Harwell continues to work on the plan.

When the city adopted a new zoning ordinance in 2003, parcels of land along the corridor were up-zoned in order to allow for more density and taller buildings. A $8.5 million cost estimate for improvements was established and Council discussed how to fund them in April 2003 but at that time there was not a majority that thought fixing the Downtown Mall was a higher priority. [10]

There have been many studies to guide that development throughout history.

The area is sometimes referred to by residents and businesses as Midtown. The Midtown Association occasionally holds an annual street fair. [11]

Buildings along the road are subject to the West Main Street Architectural Design Control District. [5]

Route 250 continues west on Ivy Road and east on Ridge Street.

The street has a high walkability score. [12]

There was a study on creating a new a streetcar line to the corridor but the results were never implemented. [13]

Changes since 2012

Battle Building

In September 2012, the University of Virginia Board of Visitors approved the demolition of the Blake Center at the corner of West Main and Jefferson Park Avenue. [14] This paved the way for a plaza next to the Battle Building, a seven story structure with 200,000 square feet for pediatric outpatient clinics. [15]

Flats at West Village

Plans for the Flats at West Village were filed with the city in the fall of 2012. [16] Construction began in 2013 and was completed in August 2014. The building has 622 beds and 10,000 square feet of retail. [17]

Marriott Residence Inn

In June 2012 the Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review granted partial approval to a new hotel to be built on the corner of West Main Street and Ridge-McIntire. The hotel, which would be a Marriott Residence Inn, requires only site plan approval from the BAR in order to move forward with the project. [18] Their approval was granted in June 2013. [19] The hotel opened in March 2016. [20]

City Council had previously approved a special use permit for a nine-story residential building at this location. [21]

The Standard

In August 2013, the BAR voted to approve a demolition permit for Republic Plaza to make way for another big-box residential development that would be called The Standard. [22] The project was completed in August 2018. [citation needed]

1000 West Main Street

Plans for another student housing complex at 1000 West Main Street were submitted to the city in October 2013. [23] The project was initially called the UnCommon but is now known as Lark on Main. [citation needed]

Hotel Quirk

Architect Bill Atwood was the original force behind a multistory project at 501 and 503 West Main Street. However, that project fell apart and the Ukrop family is now developing a 75-room hotel to be the second installment of their Quirk brand of hotels. [24] The group received their final approval from the BAR in early 2018. [25] The hotel opened shortly before the COVID-19 Emergency/

Six Hundred West Main

Six Hundred West Main is a planned six-story structure at 512 West Main Street and 600 West Main Street. [26] [27] Groundbreaking is set for April 2018. [citation needed]

Businesses and organizations

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West Main in transition


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